Client Testimonials


Before RTT I was really struggling mentally with the effects of PMDD. It destroyed my life every month by magnifying my anxieties and insecurities. I would have fits of uncontrollable anger, rage, despair, numbness, tears and more. It was having a detrimental effect on my relationship with my partner. I couldn’t trust myself or the decisions I made because I felt like I didn’t know who the ‘real’ me was, and hadn’t for a long time. It was like being two different people. It left me feeling frustrated, despondent and stuck, with very little passion for my life in general. I was exhausted and constantly trying to find what would help me, but I knew I didn’t want to pursue the path of anti depressants or medical interventions.

The RTT session itself was really powerful and moving. Before I found out about RTT I had been thinking deeply about what it was that I wanted to achieve and how my life would be different if I was able to make the changes I needed to. Jana was brilliant at gently helping me reach what needed to be reached, deep down, in a way that made sense to me and genuinely meant I could make changes from that moment on. So much was processed and released, with many realisations and tears throughout. It took a lot of energy but I felt safe and supported by Jana the whole time. I discovered a real connecting theme that came up from the childhood experiences and memories we explored together, which made sense of a lot of my behaviours and habits. After the session I felt amazingly energised and liberated, but also very drained. My mind felt clearer. I felt a huge release, like something had really shifted inside me – I had let go of my past, and made peace and space for my new habits and attitude. I had created space inside myself for what really mattered, I had created a space for energy to flow rather than let it build up.

Listening to the recording for the 21 days was like opening a personal gift – each time I would pick up on something different that really resonated with me, that was tailored to my own way of seeing and feeling. I simply couldn’t go back to my old ways anymore after making the discoveries that I had in the session. My life has truly changed now, and I am much happier within myself. I am proud of the things I have changed and I know I now have the power to be able to make further changes. My body and mind feel connected and strong. I have so many more ‘good’ days, a lot more energy and enthusiasm, and I feel excited about my future again. I no longer dwell on unhelpful memories/stories about myself, and I don’t suffer with anxiety in the way I used to. I am much more aware of my habits, and can choose to alter my behaviour rather than reacting in the ways I previously did. I am able to be much more present in the moment, letting go of things that don’t help me anymore. I am more accepting and tolerant of what I can’t control, and I am kinder to myself. My relationship with my partner is stronger. I feel calmer, more relaxed and able to express myself and my emotions freely. I have more self confidence, I act with integrity and I feel more in control of my life in general. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that Jana and RTT has given me. It has been a beautiful healing journey for me so far. The aftercare and check ins from Jana were really helpful, and I knew she was there for me if I needed her at any point on my  towards a new way of life. I would recommend RTT in a heartbeat to anyone considering it! Big love x


I had always heard people say that you have to love yourself and believe in yourself and I always thought that made a lot of sense but I had no idea how to do this, and always changed between desperately searching for the person who was going to “fix me” who would love me, making me feel worthy of love or feeling like nobody was ever going to feel that way about me as I was incredibly unlovable.

Jana helped me through RTT to see that the person I was desperate to find, to give me everything I needed, to heal me – was in fact me! Nobody could know what I needed and be the person I needed more that myself.

It’s difficult to fully express in these words how much Jana has helped me, I now feel confident, comfortable in myself and worthy of love. I really know, deep within me that I am enough, more than enough to achieve all my dreams and more.
I can’t thank Jana enough for giving me this, she has changed my life.


Before RTT I was caught in a horrible cycle of anger, dread and guilt. I felt like I had very little joy in my life, it was completely dominated by PPMD and the vicious cycle. I was just at the end of my tether and came across Jana and RTT by chance.

The session was very powerful. During it was almost surreal. I felt many different things but the overwhelming feeling was of relief, like taking off a big jacket. It was difficult but I faced many things I had been avoiding for a long time. I had lots of moment of clarity, in fact that has continued and I continue to join dots and have aha! moments.

I cannot really express how much Jana and RTT has changed my life for the better. Its almost unbelievable but its true! I feel like, not a different person, but myself. The person I was meant to be. I am a better mum and partner. I can’t remember the last time I raised my voice. I am more confident at work. I just believe in myself!

And even though very stressful things have happened since my session, I have been able to cope and understand my feelings and work through them. My PMDD symptoms have pretty much gone! Both physical and mental. I am exercising every day and eating better. I am working hard on better routines which is paying off. The recording is such a joy and I look forward to listening to it so much, I still listen a few times a week as I find it so soothing. Jana’s voice comes to me when I need it, like magic.


Before my session with Jana I was in quite a bad place in myself. I had been suffering for many years with depression, anxiety and PMDD. My life felt empty and I had lost all purpose and hope for the future. Because of these issues the relationship with my partner broke down and we separated. I felt like I couldn’t cope anymore and I was actually very close to suicide. It was because of hitting rock bottom with my PMDD that I found Jana and RTT, through a post on Facebook from someone else that had suffered with PMDD and found RTT to be very successful in helping her. PMDD for me, like for so many women was debilitating. It affected me physically, mentally and emotionally. I hated myself because of what this condition did to me. Having tried everything there was to try to help I thought that I would suffer forever. Learning about how RTT can help with PMDD gave me hope for the first time in 8 years.

My session was very intense emotionally due to the traumas that came up for me but I was ready to heal and felt very comfortable with Jana throughout. We did the session over Zoom and even though it was my first time using zoom Jana made me feel so safe and relaxed that I felt as though she was in the room with me. During the session I felt like a huge weight was starting to life from me. I had been holding on to some deep-set negative thoughts and feelings about myself for my whole life and they had been manifesting in the behaviours coming out in my PMDD. I had no idea how much my life was being affected by these negative feelings about myself. Once we identified why these negative beliefs were present in me we were able to work on releasing them. The beliefs I was able to release during the session were that I wasn’t good enough and that I was unlovable. I was holding feelings of anger, guilt, fear and shame that lead to these beliefs and we were able to identify the root causes of why I came to have these feelings and beliefs, which were predominantly from childhood trauma. Right after the session I felt in quite a daze and wasn’t sure what to do with myself but I felt so relaxed. My face even looked different in the mirror, like the look of anguish had disappeared. I’m 36 years old and for the first time I could really see why I had been suffering for my whole life and also that none of it was my fault. The rest of the day I felt exhausted but good and allowed myself to rest and process all that had happened during the session. Jana was wonderful and checked in with me throughout the day to see how I was feeling following our session and support me in any way I needed. The next day we spoke on the phone to follow up on the session and she forwarded my personalised recording to listen to for 21 days. I was really happy with how everything had gone up to that point and was already so grateful to Jana.

It’s been 3 and a half weeks now since my session and I feel wonderful. I’ve been through what would normally be the worst time for my PMDD and didn’t feel the symptoms I would usually have. Considering the challenging times we are in with Covid lockdown and the current stressful situation of separating with my partner I have been able to remain calm and in control of my emotions. I have a lot more energy than I have had for a long time. PMDD used to zap my energy for 3 out of 4 weeks every month but I have been able to do so much these past 3 weeks that I was actually quite shocked at the transformation in myself. I feel happy and feel able to love myself for the first time in my life! Before having RTT I truly can say that I hated who I was and I would have done anything to swap my life or be someone else. Now I almost don’t recognise the smiling face looking back at me in the mirror everyday. I have tried many therapies in the past to help with my PMDD but none got to the root of my problem like the RTT session. Following up the session with my personal recording and ongoing support with Jana was also pivotal as further thoughts and feelings arose. I was able to process all these things with the continued support and guidance from Jana. After 21 days of listening to the recording I felt so strong and ready for the future. I am so grateful to Jana for her time, understanding and kindness. If I could recommend one thing for women with PMDD to try it would be a session of RTT, coming from someone who had tried everything in the past, felt completely hopeless and was considering surgery as a last resort to remove my womb and ovaries. I really hope more women with PMDD can find the help that I found through RTT with Jana.


Kerry had an RTT session with me. We worked on a block that was presenting itself in her business as … “If I can’t see results, success is not available to me. I have to hide my success.” Kerry had a wonderful breakthrough understanding where and why this block (limiting belief) was created. She was able to let go of it and step into a new energy of amazing confidence and unstoppable motivation. She is on fire. Just watch 🙂