Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jana Henley Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching

Heal your mind. Heal your wounds. Heal your life.

I’ve helped men, women and children gain control over their limiting beliefs which have prevented them from thriving and having a meaningful life.

The therapy you experience with RTT allows you to heal your subconscious wounds (negative beliefs usually created in childhood).

I have experienced this in myself – the whole journey, from chaos to inner peace. This is why I am so passionate about helping others.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t fully explain how much more in control I feel with my life. Jana really has been amazing from the start – a truly wonderful person and I would highly recommend her.” – Julie

“Since my emotional and powerful session with Jana I have noticed huge changes in my mood. I wake up and am able to just enjoy my day and not be worrying about anything at all.” – Sarah

“After just one session I feel completely different, and can’t wait to see how this changes my life every day.” – Rebecca

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Client Video Testimonial

Kerry had an RTT session with me. We worked on a block that was presenting itself in her business as … “If I can’t see results, success is not available to me. I have to hide my success.” Kerry had a wonderful breakthrough understanding where and why this block (limiting belief) was created. She was able to let go of it and step into a new energy of amazing confidence and unstoppable motivation. She is on fire. Just watch 🙂

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